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VIC² Ride Types

Dawn Patrol – Early morning (7:00 a.m. or earlier) weekday rides of 1.5 to 2 hours, from June to August...for that "let's get going" workout before diving into your day's activities.   
Hammer Ride – This is a designation for a “leave it all out there” ride.  Hammer groups will generally ride in pacelines and at a swift pace.  If you get dropped from the group, you may not catch up.  If a ride is designated a hammer “Option” ride, multiple rider abilities will be accommodated with the hammer group leading out on their own. 
Ladies Only Ride – Just what it says.  No guys allowed.  Of note, it appears the evening Ladies Only Rides have disproportionate number of happy hours at their conclusion?
Pathway Pedalers – These rides are normal club rides that exclusively use our region's extensive paved   bike paths.  They are intended to accommodate multiple levels of riders, but encourage participation by those who do not feel comfortable on the road.  Full rides may be 30+ miles, but like most rides, can be shortened for those with more limited endurance.  Any club ride (Weekend, Ladies Only, Dawn Patrol etc.) may be designated a Pathway Pedaler just means they are not rides on the roads.

Rookie Rides – These four rides are intended to be an introduction to novice riders on the basics of cycling.  They will start with a bike path only ride(s), and progress to street riding in a relatively protected environment.  Rookie Rides will range from 10 to 20 miles and include discussions on safety, equipment, bike maintenance, ride technique and other items to make your rides more enjoyable.

Monday Evening Conditioning Rides – Improve your fitness and enhance your pace line skills with this evening ride on a relatively level circuit loop thru the Denver Tech Center area.  Riders may opt for their own distance, speed and duration.  A good way to finish your day and work off any pent up stress.  

Wednesday Evening Rides
– Wind down the day with 1.5 to 2 hour evening rides in June, July and August.  Ride starts will alternate between the parking  lot on Stroh Rd just east of the Motsenbacker interchange and the Fly'n B park near the C470 / US 85 interchange.
Weekend Club Rides – These are the heart and soul of the club.  They may be local or we may depart from a location up to an hour from the Castle Pines area.  Rides are generally 2 hours minimum, and will be increase in length as the season progresses.    

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