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Who We Are

The Village Idiots Cycling Club was founded in 2007 by people who love to ride, socialize, and give back to the community.   Over the years we have ridden thousands of miles, shared countless experiences and stories, and raised nearly $200,000 for charities.  We are open to community-focused people who are aged 14 or older, of all cycling abilities, and hailing from near and far.  Check out our FAQ Page for more information!


We cater to all types of riders, from bike paths to the open road.  For a description of our ride types, click here:  Ride Types. In 2019 we held over 90 organized rides and collectively rode over 15,000 miles.

We also support the community in a variety of ways:

  • Donated over $4,300 to the Douglas County Help and Hope Center, a non-profit organization that provides support for local residents facing financial difficulties.  We also coordinated two dedicated volunteer days on-site at the Help and Hope center
  • We are the proud “owners” of a stretch of South Havana Street near Castle Rock, and conducted clean-up days in the spring and fall as part of the Douglas County Adopt-A-Road program.  
  • Sponsor a used bike drives for Project Recycle, a local non-profit that repairs and repurposes used bicycles, turning them into “good as new” bikes for needy children. Our drives have collected as many as 80 used bicycles annually.

10-20 enthusiastic volunteers typically participate in each event.  

We plan to continue with all of these community support activities in 2020.

Recent VIC² News

Recent Articles
Recent Articles

 VIC² Signature Ride

Every year, a merry group of Idiots, gather to participate in the annual VIC² Signature Ride event.  The "ride" is typically followed by a grand meal and beverages.  


Often, ride teams compete in "games" with a winner declared at the gathering of teams before attendees reconvene to share crazy stories.  

We hope to see you out there this year!

2017 Signature Ride


VIC² Volunteer Days @ Douglas County Hope and Help Center

VIC² members go over and above to give back to our community.   As a proud supporter of the Douglas/Elbert Task Force (website) which supports those in financial need.  

In the past we have taken on projects at the DETF including landscaping and painting.   We also volunteer in the food bank twice a year in support of 9Cares Colorado Shares.  The community at large donates food and basic needs goods at designated drop off points. The food is then brought to the DETF facility for sorting.


DETF Volunteer 2016-08-13

The Village Idiots Adopt-A-Road!

VIC² owns the road!  Well, technically we own the responsibility for one of the many great stretches we have available to us for riding.  

We are fortunate to have such great riding routes in our area, and want to do our part to keep them beautiful!
Our adopted "baby" is the one mile stretch of South Havana between Castle Pines Parkway north to Oak Hill Lane (the I-25  underpass road) across from the Surrey Ridge dog park. 
We hold a couple of clean up days per year, so come on out and pitch in...members and non-members are welcome to come out and clean up!

Annual Out-Of-Town Cycling Adventures

Every year VIC² organizes a long weekend getaway event, alternating between out-of-state, and within our beautiful state of Colorado.  The past several years have included Napa, Aspen, Santa Barbara, Steamboat Springs, Moab and Sedona.


The weekend includes a combination of dinners, sightseeing, and organized rides.  Riding memories from the past trips include riding the Ink Grade in Napa, The Fig in Solvang, Independence Pass, Rabbit Ears Pass, The Big Nasty in Moab, and Mingus Mountain.   Our visits to the Silver Oak Winery, Salvatore Espresso Machines, Woody Creek Tavern, Moots Bicycle Factory,  Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Arches National Park and Page Springs and Winery have been among great sightseeing events. 


You need to be a member to join us, so sign up for the 2020 season and we hope to see you our next adventure. 

Year-End Celebration Parties

At the end of a successful riding season, nothing says "Idiots", like a great party!  Members gather to celebrate another successful year of "Pedal. Play. Purpose."   Members and guests share stories from the year, partake in culinary delights, and raise a glass or two the Club.  Check out the article on all of our 2020 social activities here:   News / Articles

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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