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2022 Jersey Reveal Party

New Jersey Design Revealed

Like the first day of summer vacation, the days spread out before us with limitless possibilities of paths to explore and routes to be ridden...

On May 15th Doug and Sue Waltermire welcomed club members to their home to celebrate the eagerly anticipated start of the cycling season. The event was well attended by new and existing members alike, who swapped stories about the activities they did to stay active throughout the winter months, past rides they’ve done and new routes they’re looking forward to trying

In keeping with annual tradition, and with great ceremony, the 2022 jerseys were “unveiled”. Each year the design of the current year’s jersey is a well-guarded secret until the start of the season when the jerseys are distributed to members. This year, the Idiots will be riding in style in brightly colored orange, yellow and blue jerseys and will be highly visible wherever they go

2022 Jerseys

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