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2018 Club Signature ride

On August 25th 2018 19 club members rode out of Cottonwood park to explore the environs surrounding the Parker community on a 24 mile cycle.This was the "Signature Ride". Our groups unique social and entertaining event for the season, incorporating a ride with camaraderie, fun, and a team competition.


Their goal? -  to amass points based on the collection of photographs documenting an array of items from a prepared checklist. "An idiot scavenger list". Most points wins.

The theme? -  ART, HISTORY, NATURE, and RIDDLES. Most items from the checklist were clues that were provided in the form of a riddle. This can be really difficult for an idiot!

The format? - Members were divided into 3 teams and sent on separate routes on a scenic ride on bike path, country roads, and city streets. They were provided maps and a list of riddles involving the 3 listed categories, as well as several other checklist items. There was of course a mandatory rules list. Team members needed to stay together, obey all road and bike path rules, and designate a group photographer, among others.  Additional photo ops in the points category included taking pictures of items with the same name as bike parts. Think "seat", "frame", "rim", as well as best funny photo, a team photo upon a gym apparatus, and our perennial snake photo.

Members were diligent and exhibited remarkable teamwork to assemble the most complete collection of photo's. In the event of a tie, "most funny photo " was to be the tie breaker. Mike and Doug were the officiants, and judged the accuracy of each picture. Occasionally partial credit needed to be given due to the inventiveness of the teams creative process, even if it was not an exact matching item from the intended checklist. 

The prize? - A functional bike adornment. An "incredibell" bike bell to sound the alarm as idiots pass by on the bike path. Safety is always on the agenda!!

I'll start off with our only disappointment. The lack of obtaining any snake pictures. Members were given an incredible opportunity to accumulate points for victory. 1 for a live snake pic, 2 for a rattlesnake, 3 for a rattler video, and 4 for a rattler video with audio of the rattle. Many members I know were disappointed, although it is rumored that some were actually elated to have missed this extraordinary opportunity. You know who you are ladies! Only an idiot would try to get close enough to get video and AUDIO of an irritated rattlesnake. Then again, there was the allure of the end prize. That "incredibell" bike bell for each winning team member.
The event was an opportunity to have a leisurely ride with friends, while learning about the history of the Parker area via historical markers and a visit to 17 mile park. The riddle, "I'm udderly cool " was a milk-house with a unique cooling system at 17 mile park. It"s amazing how many informative placards riders can pass by every day on a ride without paying any notice.

Previously unappreciated artwork in the Parker community provided enlightenment and a chance to match an art piece and riddle. The riddle, "I'm a ginormous children's game" corresponded with an over-sized sculpture entitled "Jacks" (see the pic below). Downtown Parker takes great pride in their public artworks and it was worth taking time to examine some of the sculptures. 
Members were asked to identify the nature associated with various conundrums such as  " I provide sustenance to a MONARCH, but not a king ". (Of course a milkweed plant) ! Other nature inspired finds included matching clues for a cottonwood tree, prairie dog, and prickly pear cactus. 

Nourishment was provided apres ride at a Cottonwood park pavilion. Brats and beverages were provided by the club via the generosity of our club sponsors, and an assortment of complimentary cookout dishes were provided by participating members. No one left hungry.

Good weather and abundant smiles complimented the day's activities. Another successful "Idiot " endeavor by all accounts. Our thanks to cycling, social, and board committee members who put in the effort to make this another fun gathering. Also kudos to the idiot members who provided the laughs and memories for our groups event. Hope to see you all next year for our "Signature Ride".
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